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We, at St. George International School and Preschool, are an inclusive school and we have a team of highly experienced staff, led by the School’s SENCO. We are proud to offer additional learning support through our team, and to provide an extensive range of help, assistance, and advice for those families with children who have mild to moderate learning needs. We believe that all students are entitled to receive a broad, balanced, and relevant curriculum which provides them with an equal opportunity to develop their full potential.

Through a programme of tailored support, the progress of students is carefully monitored and recorded, with consultation and feedback to parents being a vital and integral part of the learning process.

For students with more complex needs, a Learning Support Assistant may be required to be provided by parents, and in some instances, children may require the additional support of outside experts, such as speech therapists or educational psychologists, in which case our team of special educational experts will work closely with professionals in the community.


All applications for children with Special Educational Needs are dealt with individually and parents are closely involved in the admissions process. As part of this process, we keep a careful watch on the ratio of children with additional needs in each class and year group, to ensure a balance across the school.

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