St. George School Day


For a consecutive year St. George School celebrated its patron saint on April 20, on the eve of the holiday according to the British and Bulgarian holiday calendar. The unforgettable experience was organized and conducted by the School Students Council - Alexandar Velichkov and Mihail Palmov from grade VII a, Ivan Barov from grade V b, Ivan Marev from grade VI a, Nia-Katya Barzakova from grade VIII a, Martin Takov and Ekaterina Stavrulaki from grade IX a.

The enthusiastic youth offered their classmates to group in different "houses" and work on six popular historical events that turned into legends in organized art, literature and knightly skills. On stage, creativity, striving for victory, artistry and dedication came to life, fortified with a great deal of sporty zeal and entertainment. King Arthur and his sword Escalibur, the battle of Tzar Kaloyan against the Crusaders, Robin Hood and his generosity to the poor, Saint George in his mighty struggle against the dragon, Percival and the search for the Holy Grail and the Battle of Hastings.

In the subtleties of the archery the students were mentored by the school principal, Mr. Nichols. Finally, with the applause of the audience, the most original interpretation was selected. Did you try to guess which one it was?! The Legend of Saint George the Victorious - the worthy patron of our school!

See photos here.

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