Today, the student from grade 12 of St. George International School and Preschool, Nia-Katya B., enriched the school library and her classmates and teachers in a touching and inspiring way – through her first collection of poems called “Similarities”.

The sweet and long-awaited moment was very emotional for the young author, as she expressed her gratefulness to all the people who have supported her so far. She also expressed her gratitude to the people who helped her and believed in her talent when she needed strength and faith the most.

On the International Day of the word “Thank You”, Nia-Katya expressed her gratefulness to all the teachers who supported her. She thanked them for contributing not only to her education but also for helping her to become an author and a responsible person.

And what are the thrills that the teenage soul goes through? What hardships does a young lady face while studying? And where is the place of poetry in this process? Feel free to find the answers in “Similarities”.

We heartily congratulate Nia-Katya, and wish her to keep exploring and developing her creative soul!


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