Breathing Life into Chemistry

In St. George International School and Preschool, everyone could experience the magic all around. Undoubtedly, that’s the truth, but in one particular place, these fascinating feelings are becoming into material reality, and that magical place is the Chemistry Laboratory.

In the last few weeks, our high school students worked very hard. Luckily their efforts paid off because the achieved results were exceptional. That’s why we proudly announce them as “wizards”.

The 5th graders learned about the forces of friction. During a laboratory experiment, they had to hold a bottle of rice in the air with the help of a wooden stick. The 7th-grade wizards, for their part, studied the factors that affect the speed of chemical reactions.

While still learning online, the students from 8th grade were challenged by their teachers to make flowers using the chromatography technique. For the exquisite results of theirs, they used absorbent kitchen or coffee filter paper and reacted it with water-based chemicals.

For dessert, our 10th-grade wizards learned how the fireworks get their colors when looking at different metal ions and how they interact with the flame.

Regardless of their scale, miracles are an integral part of our daily lives. Usually, their shining depends on how much we’re willing to look inside ourselves and spread that light of ours.

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