Back in 1885

“Happy Victorian Day!” – were the first few words spoken by the Grade 2 students of St. George International School and Preschool, as they were arriving at their favorite school yesterday.

You could feel the excitement in the air until they reached their English classroom. When they stepped in, they were taken back to Thursday 2nd of December 1885. After reading many texts and writing stories about the Victorian era, the children knew what is exactly like to be a student in that time: no smiles, no talking, punishments, and writing on slates!

However, it was hard not to smile, when they were sent to the corner with the “Not Good” hat on, or when they had to write a series of sentences with chalk. Our students transformed into exemplary Victorian role models, not only with their original outfits but also through their authentic behaviors.

Undoubtedly Miss Annabelle wasn’t strict enough, since all the students begged for a Victorian Day every day!

This travel back in time was an enjoyable and enlightening experience for everyone.



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