In the Right Place at the Right Time

On October 24, during a kayaking tour in Studen Kladenets Reservoir, a group in which two of the students of St. George International School and Preschool, Bogdan Sh. And Dara Sh. from 7th and 3rd grade, came across a fisherman in distress in the icy waters, who fell overboard on his boat and saved his life. The fisherman was without a life jacket and in the part of the reservoir bordering on sheer cliffs. Fortunately, the leader of the kayaking tour, Vesselin P., along with the rest of the group, was nearby and responded immediately to the distress signal. While Vesselin jumps into the fishing boat and pulls the fisherman out of the icy waters, Bogdan and Dara remain extremely cool and help by holding and managing the kayaks.

One of the participants in the kayaking tour turned out to be the TV journalist Ladislav Ts., who filmed the rescue operation. Ladislav appeals to all fishermen to be safe when they are close to water reservoirs, especially when there is a potential danger in one form or another to fall into the water.

Visit the link to the news here.

Author of the photo: Ladislav Ts.

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