NEWS 2020/2021


This week, during the spring concerts in St. George Preschool, our pupils greeted their parents in a deeply moving way. The joy of going on stage was indescribable for them, and seeing their mothers and...Read more


The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award - Bulgaria is a program, which aims to support and encourage students in their personal and professional development. As partners in the program, we at...Read more


Dear parents, we are delighted to share footage of the first week since our pupils returned back to St. George Preschool. As the weather keeps on improving, we are transitioning our learning towards the great...Read more


Dear students, on the doorstep of the Spring break we want to wish you sunny, warm and colorful days. Do the things you love, love the things you do and never stop dreaming! We are happy to share photos with...Read more


Dear friends,we wish a colorful and uplifted week to you with two invigorating works from the art classes of our graduates Chiara S. and Raya G. We are extremely happy when...Read more


We are happy that St. George International School and Preschool is a community of children and teachers from nearly 30 nationalities, in which tolerance and respect are core values. In honor of the...Read more


Our student Kristiana P. from 11th grade was chosen to take part in the initiative „Manager for a day“, organized by Junior Achivement. The main goal of this initiative is to start a career realization of...Read more


Nature is the force from which we get energy from. It is the element that blooms in an exceptional way both inside and outside of us. We, as her guests, have to protect and take care of her. Also, it is our...Read more


In the last week of winter, St. George International School and Preschool started a lovely celebration of the International Day of Mathematics, mostly known as World Pi Day (3.14 - March, the 14th). Our...Read more


We are happy to inform you that our student Martina H. from 6th grade ranked first on the ball in her category. She won a golden medal at the Rhythmic Gymnastics Competition "Angels of Bulgaria", which...Read more


The study of energy processes in chemical reactions is extremely exciting, especially when the ninth-graders of St. George International School and Preschool perform the magic.Over the past weeks...Read more


Our fantastic students from the As-Level Biology group love to challenge their knowledge in a variety of ways! They recently questioned their subject skills by challenging their teacher...Read more


Dear ladies, Happy International Women’s Day! May your smile always shine on your face, your eyes to twinkle from happiness, the Spring to bloom in your soul, and the love to live in your heart!...Read more


The bulgarian embroidery is a bright and noticeable traditional symbol of Bulgaria. The values of our country are intertwined and woven into it. Honor, dignity, love, patriotism, respect, diligence and...Read more


According to the British tradition, since 1995, on the first Thursday of March, a special charity event denotes the “World Book Day”. Today, the students of St. George International School...Read more


On March 3, Bulgaria commemorates its heroes and looks to the future, inspired by the idea of freedom. With a sense of pride, hard work and dedication, our students created a variety of...Read more


Filled with joy and inspiration we welcome the day of the awakening spring - March 1. On the doorstep of the school with melodious Bulgarian songs we are greeted by the Martenitsa of "St. George"..Read more


As part of the AS and A level course exams of the natural science cycle is the conduct of practical experiments in the specific conditions. These practical exams are extremely important as they...Read more


This past week in the art classes the 7th grade students explored different concepts and techniques of expression. Inspired by the delicacy and elegance of the Italian Murano Art Glass projects...Read more


The legend tells that when God decided to give away pieces of land to the people on Earth, the Bulgarian was working hard in the field and was the last person who went to take his piece. However,...Read more


Our grade 11 and 12 students and teachers are so focused on their upcoming examinations they literally let nothing get in the way of their learning. Today Miss Nahib is helping them to revise for their...Read more


In the kindergarten of “St. George International School and Preschool” the Sun is always shining and the fun never stops. In our quest to reach and educate the youngsters, we aim to not only grow...Read more


In the past 2020, a student from St. George International School and Preschool overturned the notions not only in Bulgaria, but also in the world, about what a 16-year-old boy was capable of. Max Ivanov, along...Read more


The new beginning opens up before us as a new page of a magic book. It looks like as a diary yet to be written. Today, on the first school day of the new 2021, with pure joy students up to 4th....Read more


Dear children and parents, colleagues and friends, We wish you a bright Christmas and New Year holidays! Be blessed with lots of love, health and prosperity! Have faith in the good that you...Read more

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