Victorian School Life

Life in a Victorian school was very different from today. There were no laptops, tablets or whiteboards – and punishment could be very harsh.

At the start of the 1800, only some children went to school. Boys from rich families were educated in private schools, while girls were often taught at home by their governess. A lot of lessons involved listening to the teacher and copying things from the blackboard. Victorian teachers were very strict as well. One of the punishments was doing ‘lines’. Children would have to copy the same sentence a lot of times. If they told lies, were rude or lazy, they were hit with the cane. (The cane is a long, thin stick.)

Traditionally every year St. George International School and Preschool rebuilds a day from the Victorian school life and this year was no different.

Miss Bori and all the second graders had the opportunity to "get on the time machine and travel back” to when Victorian schools were in their heyday.

And you, if you had the opportunity, would you travel back in time?

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