The Day of Enlighteners

The Day of Enlighteners has a special place in the hearts and memory of generations of Bulgarians. It is a celebration of spirit, creativity, and empathy. That is why as a sign of commemoration, our school created a special interdisciplinary project. This year the national poet Ivan Vazov was chosen as the patron of the celebration on the occasion of 170 years since his birth. These lines are just a preface to our initiative because Enlighteners are not created for a day. They are influenced by the example of very honorable and thinking people. That is why our project is called “Enlighteners - Before, Today and Tomorrow". We hope that with the series of articles and photos from the various activities we will make you empathize with the spirit of the holiday. First is the legendary "Lion's Leap" and some of the literary projects of our talented students.

We wish you health, strength, and inspiration! Happy Enlighteners’ Day! Make sure to keep the light in your hearts and minds.

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