Heroes of a New Era

Being recognized by many is something that is achieved through time, patience and hard work. However, being loved by many is something that requires much more than that. It requires not only spirit of a fighter, but also many special qualities.

Our eleventh-grader Max Ivanov, who breaks world records with ease, supports with full heart and soul the “Yes! For life" cause, “writes" a story and leaves a big mark on an entire country definitely knows more than one or two things!

With great joy, excitement and extreme impatience today, young and old welcomed with loud applause the official coming back of Max in St. George International School and Preschool. In euphoria and with one voice everyone greeted our hero with "Welcome!". The director of the school Leo Buckley presented a "Certificate of Honor" plaque for exceptional achievements.

Dear Maxim,

We are proud that you are our student and we gladly share the path of your growth. We wish you a headwind, strength, faith and love.

Keep flying higher and higher. You can do it!

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