Graduation Ceremonies for

2019 - 2020 Academic Year

During the month of June, distant learning, hard work and patience paid off. We finally came together to officially mark the accomplishment of this exceptional academic year! During individual specified hours, our theatre hall hosted graduation ceremonies for our students from Preparatory Group to Grade 7. Children received their graduation certificates, acknowledging a proud transition to a higher grade through a footshake or elbow greet with their teachers. Many bright talents deserved trophies and certificates with their performances at the Lockdown Talent Show during quarantine. We captured these moments with a photograph of the classes as each one of us was wearing a peculiar accessory - a mask, but despite that we collected yet another fond memory of being together at school. However unconventional, these meetings represented a one-of-a-kind reunion and showed us what a treasure it is to be together.

We wish our children a summer, full of relaxation, adventure and endless curiosity and we are impatiently gazing at the 2020-2021 academic year in order to get together again - wiser, stronger and ready to learn more than ever before!

See photos here.

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