NEVEREST - An attempt for world record

of father and son

For noble goals, good heart and innovative ideas or when the boundaries of our development are defined solely by the boundaries of our imagination.

Dear friends, we are proud and not less happy to share with you the extraordinary initiative of our tenth grader Maxim Ivanov and his father - Stefan. It began as a minor hobby yet now on its way to transform into something magnificent. Max and his dad are setting out to accomplish the first ever ocean rowing expedition for Bulgaria after in the span of two years only the two of them built their own boat, which they named NEVEREST (from 'Never' and 'Rest'). There is just a few days before their departure to Portugal and it is expected for them to sail around 3 200 nautical miles and 6 000 km. By the end of this grand expedition:

- Maxim Ivanov will be the youngest rower to have sailed an ocean;

- NEVEREST will be the first double ocean rowing boat to have crossed the distance between continental Europe and continental South America;

- NEVEREST will be the first ocean rowing boat to have crossed the distance between continental Europe and continental South America during the summer.

Behind this expedition stands an incrediby important human value – mutual aid and it supports the programme for transplants of the Ministry of health 'Yes! For life!'. The aim is to encourage more people in Bulgaria to become potential organ donors as to this moment over 1 150 bulgarians are in need of an organ transplant, whereas per year there is only a possibility for 30-40 surgeries.

If you are willing to learn more about the bravery and inspiration behind the deed of Maxim and Stefan Ivanovi, you have the opportunity to hear them tomorrow at 8.30 am on BTV and at 9.20 am on NOVA TV as well as to keep track of their expedition in Facebook and Instagram at: NEVEREST OCEAN.

We are wishing best of luck to Max and his father from the bottom of our hearts. They have been part of the grand family of St. George International School & Preschool for over 12 years now and Max is amongst our brightest students! Let their adventure have the wind at its back, leading them to their next great dream!

For more information and full reportage, click here.

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