Charging by Friction Experiment in Physics Class with Grade 7A

Friday. Time for experimentation. Physics astounded seventh graders with the phenomenon of static electricity and its effect on hair! Through a machine called Van de Graaff generator and Mr. Jaime’s instructions, students grasped the behavior of electrons, observing their long-haired classmate in contact with the ball. What happens is that a rubber band inside the generator rubs a piece of felt and strips away some electrons, which then travel up to the metal ball and into the student, who is touching it. Since the girl is insulated from the ground, the negative charge of electrons go into her hair. By nature, electrons repel each other which makes each separate hair to stand up and apart. With this being a controlled experiment, students learn a lot about voltage amounts. However, anyone could put themselves to a simpler test at home through the hair-raising electric balloon or by rubbing feet on a carpet and touch the doorknob. We are surrounded by a world of wonders and physics is the science, which reveals the ones beyond the naked eye!

See photos here.

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