Prophylactic Vision Screening in St.George International School

Within the past two days, we have been keeping a close eye on the doctor’s cabinet, where a qualified representative from GRAND Optics along with our supportive nurses, conducted their annual vision screening in partnership with JOY Optics and Kids optics. The prophylactic check takes a few seconds, it’s painless and children perceive it rather as a game.

With the help of PlusoptiX A09 – a high tech hand-held auto-refractometer, which measures the eye’s diopter from a distance – opticians were able to measure refraction, pupil sizes, interpupillary distance and eye alignment and take the student on a further short visual test with the ‘Tumbling E’ vision chart, if necessary. Тhe effectiveness of discovering eye problems using this equipment is 89%.

GRAND Optics specialist’s advice for parents of children, whose results differ from the norm, is to take a step further and get a classic eye exam conducted by a child ophthalmologist. Children were quite curious and even slightly nervous about the process, only to realise it ended in the blink of an eye.

See photos here.

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