Shadow Puppetry in Science Class with Grade 3

Yesterday, third graders introduced us to an exquisite theatrical Indonesian art – shadow puppetry, further known as wayang. Within its modern format, their plays incorporated a classical dramatic plot about a princess, a witch and a castle as well as the intense futuristic stories of donkeys, lions and Saturn, reindeers, unicorns and magical islands. Miss Tsveti let the class choose from a set of various shadow puppet figures, whilst children had also prepared their own cut-out character according to their show. In pairs or groups of three, they got into the act. Imagination and emotion were encircling the classroom and all present spectators.

This performance definitely introduced students to the power of an engaging narrative as a medium of communication, unity and one of our key values – respect (towards the self-expression of others). Not only were all smiles on point, but children truly explored endless possibilities of creativity through their opaque figure and it’s shadow’s behaviour according to its distance from a light source. Applause to all our puppeteers!

See photos here.

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