Schools have a duty to safeguard the wellbeing of students and to protect them from any risks. COBIS standards regarding safeguarding require that strict controls are in place to control and regulate the movement of people in and out of the building, not only for child protection/abduction, but also in the event of a building evacuation.


Safeguarding is the responsibility of all members of staff.

All personnel in the school must be registered, and issued with a badge before they are allowed to access the building. No exceptions. This extends to teachers, students, parents, contractors, guests, inspectors, the owners, The President of Bulgaria etc… Everyone.

Visitors can be divided into four categories

  1. Personnel who have a long term relationship with the school, who require day to day access to the building (i.e. teachers, cleaners, kitchen staff etc…)
  2. Personnel who require occasional access to the school (i.e. photographers, parents, coaches)
  3. Visitors (anyone who will be visiting the school on a one-off, temporary basis)
  4. Students

Category 1 Personnel - Green

This category includes staff who require continuous access to the building on a regular basis, and may be granted freedom to move around the building absent a chaperone. To be granted access to the building, Category 1 Personnel must pass strict safeguarding checks, and be added to the Single Central Register. These include, a criminal record check, a copy of their CV ensuring that any gaps in employment are questioned, two anonymous references from previous employers or members of the community in ‘good standing’, a copy of their ID card. Category 1 Personnel will have an employee file kept with HR, which will be retained for a period of 6 years following the termination of their relationship with the school.

Category 1 Personnel will be granted a Green building access card with their photograph, name, and role. The access permissions will be restricted to their area of work.

Category 2 Personnel - Orange

This category includes staff which have an occasional need to access the building, but who have not been ‘checked’. They must be supervised at all times by a Category 1 person. On file should be kept their name, contact details and a copy of their ID, which will be kept for a period of 3 months following the termination of their relationship with the school.

Category 2 personnel will be granted an Orange access card which shows their photo, name, card number and role and the security personnel who logged them. They will not have access to the school building through the turnstiles, but must instead sign in through security stating their purpose for the visit, and be taken from the entrance of the school by the person responsible for them.

Category 3 Personnel - Red

This category refers towards personnel who are unchecked, and may be visiting the school on a one- off basis. They must be supervised at all times and will be granted a temporary visitors badge. To be granted a Red visitor’s badge, the name, purpose of visit, date, time of arrival and departure, ID number and badge number must be logged with security along with the signature of the security guard on duty in the visitor’s book. The visitors badge should be returned to security at the end of the visit.

The details of the visitor’s book may be kept for a period of no longer than 3 months following the departure of the visitor.

Student cards

At the start of the year all students are issued with a card containing their name, grade, and photograph. Students should use their card to enter the building and the rooms they will use on a day to day basis.

Forgotten or lost cards

Personnel who have lost their cards must enter their details into the ‘lost card’ book, and receive a temporary card which is colour coded according to their role.

Use of the turnstiles

All personnel must enter the school through the turnstiles. The gates may only be opened manually for the purpose of deliveries, evacuation, or to facilitate the entrance of disabled persons.

Orange or Red persons must be beeped through by the member of security who has logged their visit.

Effective from: 15th September 2019

To be revised on: 15th September 2020

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