National Enlightener’s Day in St. George

International School

In times of darkness, our enlighteners beamed down towards all Bulgarian hearts. This began through the power of feather and ink, awakening peoples’ patriotic spirits – a symbiosis between the revolutionary and the educational.

Such message was embedded in yesterday’s school play, where secondary students embodied all the remarkable deeds of our national revivals and celebrated 1st November – National Enlightener’s Day. Fully in character, they proclaimed memorable words of Paisius of Hilendar and Ivan Vazov, yet also boldly stated the fateful acts of Vasil Levski and Hristo Botev. Curtains could not be brought down before both audience and perfomers sang ‘Pitat li me dei zorata’ all together.

Meanwhile, students from all stages engaged in the making of posters to mark the event through delightful images and eloquent narratives. This day sustains an eternal fire, painting in the dark the lightkeepers of our past.

St. George International School wishes every child, teacher, parent and colleague to preserve this inner flame by the warmth of Bulgaria’s fireplace!

See photos here.

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