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Nikola Rankovich

Assistant Teacher

Nikola Rankovich

Mr. Rankovich is a professional musician and the main instruments on which he plays are piano and guitar. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in musical pedagogy, but his biggest personal achievement is to be part of one of the Bulgarian musical bands which play on the big stages to this day. In the past, he performed with other great artists at many international events predominantly been held around Scandinavian, Baltic, and Western European Countries. Between 2014-2016 he was part of the St. George International School and Preschool Family and now he is joining it again as an assistant music teacher for which he thinks is the most inspiring thing that happened to him regarding his future teaching career development. He firmly stands behind values such as honesty, mutual support, and respect. He considers himself a team player and his hobby is playing multiple sports where his favorite one is basketball.


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