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Natalia Zhivago


Natalia Zhivago

Natalia graduated Tomsk State University with a Master’s Degree in “Teaching methods of Russian Language as Foreign” and 3 years ago she was awarded the academic degree of Doctor in Russian Philology. She has 8 years of teaching experience in Russian and Bulgarian universities. 

Four years ago Natalia joined the teaching academic staff at St. George International School and Preschool. Natalia is a type of pedagogue who is extremely devoted to her job and she does her best to make her lessons not only useful but also joyful at the same time; the atmosphere at her lessons is always agreeable and friendly. These factors facilitate high academic results and keep her students highly motivated to study the language during the whole period of their school education. Natalia is that type of a teacher who persistently tries to look at the process of education from the student’s perspective. Since Natalia demonstrates her commitment to constant self-development and self-education she is a frequent visitor of education seminars and scientific conferences. 


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