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Kristina Krasteva

Head of Preschool, Teacher

Kristina Krasteva

Kristina is a qualified teacher, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Preschool and Primary school Education and a Master’s Degree in English Language and Methodology. Her professional background includes:

*Middle Manager and English teacher in international schools.

*12 years of teaching experience; starting from Pre-Nursery and across all the stages of education in Preschool and Primary school, Kristina has explored the fields of education in International Kindergartens and International schools.

*6 years with St. George International School & Preschool, where she was a Head of Stage (Grade 0) for 4 years and since July 2020 she acts as Head of Preschool. Kristina has contributed enormously to the planning, policies, procedures, and processes establishment, students, and teachers’ support.

Kristina has invested a lot in her education and career development, especially in support of teaching young learners. She has successfully accomplished her learning journey in the fields of Thinking-Based Learning education, and she is a fully certified TBL Teacher and TBL Coach. Alongside this, after two years of studying, Kristina has earned her Certificate for being a certified Suggestopedia Teacher. Last year, after starting her journey in St. George International Preschool, Kristina has earned her Certificate of Achievement for successfully accomplishing an Early Years Foundation Stage course.

As a practitioner, Kristina believes in the individuality of the children and tries her best to teach, using innovative, engaging, fun, and student-focused ways.  She thinks that teaching is not only work but taking care of the children, tracking their progress, and helping with everything they need. Kristina adores children and she is really passionate when it comes to teaching.

Some of her aims are to lean young pupils to become great team players and to share what they have with the people that matter, especially their knowledge and wisdom because this brings happiness and love. Kristina strongly believes that if children are happy then they flourish, reach their full potential, grow strong and happy, different and unique and carry a love of learning with them for the rest of their lives.


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