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Katrin Pacharazova

Assistant Teacher

Katrin Pacharazova

Katrin is 26 years old and she was born and raised in the town of Dupnitsa. She has been playing basketball at a professional level for 16 years, and still be able to play and compete at a professional level. In primary school, Katrin was actively engaged in music, playing the piano and sports, and for this reason, she enrolled in The National Sports Academy, with a teacher profile in Physical Education and Sports. Along with this diploma, she also holds a certificate as a children’s ski instructor. From the age of eighteen, Katrin has actively worked with children, first as a babysitter and then as a coach in many children’s centres. She is part of St. George Preschool team for 4 years now, and upon joining, she signed up for her master’s degree in Preschool Pedagogy. The love she receives from children is the noblest and most pure feeling an adult can experience. Katrin loves her job with all her heart, just as much as she loves each child. It is a pleasure for her to be around our wonderful children, to support them, educate them, and understand and love them.


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