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Iliyana Nikolova

Assistant Teacher

Iliyana Nikolova

Iliyana decided to become a teacher because she loves children, this is her vocation and love. She defines herself as a teacher at heart. She is currently studying Preschool Pedagogy, and has one semester left before graduation. Before devoting herself entirely to this profession, she graduated from the University of National and World Economy and worked in the energy sector and trade, but she realizes that this is not the field that makes her feel happy, meaningful, and useful and made a drastic change in education and future career. Over the years, Iliyana has gained experience with administrative and government structures, as well as with communication with problematic situations and clients. She has worked under pressure and can safely say that she succeeded. Unfortunately, the industry in which Iliyana developed turned out to be not as wide as her ambitions for development. This prompted her to gather opinions and think about what will motivate her to do in the long run, and pedagogy turned out to be the area in which would focus all her energy and efforts to learn and develop herself as now she knows what she wants to do. Iliyana knows that she has the motivation, strength and energy to acquire and develop in this wonderful field of education.


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