‘The Magic Toymaker’ – Part 1 – Giraffes and Kookaburras

'The Magic Toymaker' is the latest unit topic of our Kindergartener’s curriculum, and what an inventive one! An hour was barely enough this morning for them to unravel their crafty minds and truly create all that their imagination demands.

The gathering commenced with a randomly chosen booklet, from which their teacher read out loud, conducting an indulging word check with the group. In the mean time, parents settled in to witness childrens’ freshest memorizations. Once parents got a ticket to the ‘Toy Museum’ and received a tour of their youngsters’ inventions this term, it was time to cooperate and co-create! Several workshops filled the rooms, amongst which: bracelets making, bottle-aircraft creations, cardboard fashion models or 3D paper characters. There were also fun activities such as ‘Feed the Frog’ game, gigantic tic tac toe or the memory wall.

So, this term’s IPC Exit Point ran smoothly and successfully, above all blooming with interaction, smiles, progressive skills adoption and demonstration.

See photos here.

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