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Nina Slavcheva


Nina Slavcheva

Ninas’ adventure in working with young children has started in 2012, while she was living in London. Ever since, she obtains all her English Language certificates and she can say that her entire professional practice has been related to teaching English to children at the Preschool age. She has graduated in Preschool pedagogy with a foreign language profile and has not stopped exploring the fascinating process of children acquiring second language skills at such a young age through developing all the areas of learning in a natural way. Currently, she is taking a Yoga course for children and strongly believes that it will be a great extra skill to have and that it will enrich her daily interaction with the pupils.

What inspires Nina the most in her teaching practice at this young age, is being able to facilitate, and observe the beautiful interconnection between the play and the academic context. This magic bond enables education to manifest in such young minds at its best level in an absolutely natural flow.


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