The Benefits and Joy from Sport


Friday, May 25th – an inspirational day for the students of St. George International School & Preschool. A day, where everyone together – teachers and students – entered into a number of races, embracing the sports’ spirit and drive and learning that the most important qualities are not gained from the race itself, but from finding respect for one another and appreciating the battle, whether you win or lose.

Of course, the students with the best results in the various disciplines, separated into boys and girls and divided by age (spot jump, relay games, sprint, ball throws) were awarded with gold, silver and bronze medals by the Principal of the school, Mr. Justin Kilcullen-Nichols.

The day ended with the release of the balloons in lieu of the May 24th holiday – the slavic alphabet and literacy – and with an incredible film about the “Glory and majesty of Medieval Bulgaria”, because in order to be able to follow our paths, we first need to know where we came from.

See photos here.

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