With care for our student’s eyesight and in partnership with JOY Optics, GRAND OPTICS, Kids optics at St. George International School & Preschool we had a prophylactic EYE SCREENING.

A qualified team from GRAND Optics & JOY Optics checked the children’s vision on the 7th and 8th of March and gave their professional advice. The examination was done by using the apparatus PlusoptiX A09 – a high tech auto-refractometer, which measures the diopter of the eye from a distance. This process takes a few seconds, it’s painless and the children think of it as a game. This test does not replace the classic eye exam. The goal of using this apparatus is to quickly and painlessly discover hidden eye problems, so that preventative measures can be taken. Children need to be checked regularly, due to the dynamic changes of the eyesight with age.

The GRAND Optics & JOY Optics specialists advised the parents of children, whose results differ from the norm, to get a classic eye exam done by a child ophthalmologist. The effectiveness of discovering eye problems using this equipment is 89%.

See photos here.

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