Today was the first day of the internatioanl competition "The World Scholar’s Cup", which was held at St. George International School & Preschool for a second year in a roll.

This year's global theme "An Entangled World" attracted more than 200 students from more than 15 schools, separated in different age groups. The students, who have done well, will qualify for the global rounds in Kuala Lumpur, Barcelona and Melbourne.

For the "Junior" group the debate rounds were as follows:

  • We should develop the technology to share our memories
  • Social media makes us more social
  • Everybody should love somebody

The "Senior"group had the following topics:

  • Fraternities should be banned
  • Diplomacy is ineffective without the threat of was
  • We should be allowed to sell our memories for entertainment

Today the participants in the national round explored the themes together and managed to share their discoveries and personal opinions.

We await tomorrow with impatience as it will be another day filled with interesting and emotional debates.

See photos here.

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