For the students from Preparatory group this was a very important and exciting year. They worked hard and found many new friends! During the closing ceremony the students from ‘Orion’, ‘Çassiopea’ and ‘Eridan’ showed their parents, guests and students they are prepared for the next school year when they will be first grade.

‘Orion’, excited and full of expectations told a poem for first grade and sang a song for the upcoming holiday. ‘Cassiopea’ recreated a brief story for their experiences throughout the year and shared with excitement their expectations for the next one. And ‘Eridan’ told us a poem for the seasons and the changes during each one.

Every student was awarded in a special category and received a certificate of achievements from Mr. Justin Kilcullen-Nichols, principal of the school. Very excited from the strong emotions the three grades sand a song together for the upcoming summer and the adventures that await them.

Dear children, We wish you a wonderful and unforgettable summer and good luck in the challenge, called First grade next year!

At the end of their first-class journey our little students from the first grades went on their last trip for this school year through the ocean of knowledge towards the mysterious islands of Mathematics and English Language. Led by their trusted captain and with help of the navigators, the children passed through many adventures, solved many mysteries, overcame serious obstacles in order to find that "The greatest treasure is friendship".

Good luck, dear firstgraders! Dream and remember that friendship is an invaluable gift!

For our students from II, III and IV grade the past year has been filled with lots of lessons learned, new friendships, overcome challenges, lots of smiles and fun… We felt this in the unique stage appearances that were prepared by our students for the Annual celebration – melodic poems in English language for the awaited summer vacation, songs, performed with happiness and fireworks, a movie against the virtual violence and an almost professional dance battle, which was the way our fourth graders showed us how important it is to be tolerant to differences and honest and careful to friends.

All students received certificates for their achievements during the school year. The eldest in primary stage, grade IV, were sent solemnly to the next stage of education with gratitude for the great example they left behind and with a wish for new conquered peaks on the path of knowledge, friendship and devotion to the set goals.

With a special ceremony St. George International School & Preschool also wished a wonderful summer to the student from lower secondary stage of education. The students from V, VI, VII and VIII grade sent their message through a song, a dance, a poem and a play on the concert stage.

The end of the year ceremony had an emotional finale. Our seventh graders shared with guests, parents and teachers their most precious moments in St. George under the sounds of the wonderful performance of Yoana Yovcheva and Siana Filipova from VII A. Before the last bell rang we made a promise to make nice memories and also to learn lots of new things.

With a wish for wonderful summer moments, please find photos from the celebration here!

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