After summer of happiness and memories, St. George International School & Preschool celebrated its first school day! According to the tradition, we greeted our students, parents and gests with bread, honey and salt. Under the tune of the Bulgarian and the European Anthems we put the beginning of this special day!

Our first surprise to the audience was the charming preparatory grades that gifted everyone with a smile and a poem in English.

On the behalf of the parents Mr. Marev wished us success and confidence on the way of knowledge. Inspiring tale about teacher’s excitement to be with the children, how to gain trust and respect told us Ms. Christina Krasteva who greeted the audience from the name of SGIS academic staff.

We were honored by the presence of our special guest Mr. Delyan Dobrev- Chair Person of the Committee of Energy, whose words of inspiration we highly valued. From the stage we greeted our first grades, who confidently recited poems both in English and Bulgarian and in the end a reward for the performance have been given- sweet carrots for luck!

Our principal, Mr. Justin Kilkulen- Nichols wishes us a successful start of the school year and praised our World Scholar's Cup team, which has won awards from the international competition ever since its first appearance!

With prayer and sincere wish of success and happiness, Mrs. Kremena symbolically led the way to knowledge and success.

St.George wishes to all its friends one happy and fulfilling school year, inspired by new goals and high academic achievements!

See photos here.

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