2021-2022 Academic year

05.09.2021 International Day of Charity

06.09.2021 Bulgaria Unification Day (non-school day)

13.09.2021 Roald Dahl Day

15.09.2021 Start of the Academic Year

17.09.2021 Day of Sofia

21.09.2021 International Day of Peace

22.09.2021 Bulgaria Independence Day (non-school day)

26.09.2021 European Day of Languages

27.09.2021 Information parents meeting - EYFS

28.09.2021 Information parents meeting - Year 1

4.10.2021 World Animal Day

5.10.2021 International Teachers Day

4-8.10.2021 Baseline assessment for Year 1

18, 19.10.2021 Parents- teacher’s meetings for EYFS

20, 21.10.2021 Parents- teacher’s meetings for Year 1

29.10.2021 Halloween party (non-uniforms day)

01.11.2021 Leaders of the Bulgarian National Revival Day

11.11.2021 Remembrance Day

16.11.2021 International Day of Tolerance

29, 30.11.2021 Online open days

1-3.12.2021 Online open days

11.12.2021 Christmas concert and bazaar

13, 14.12.2021 Parents-teacher’s meetings EYFS

24.12.2021 - 03.01.2022 Christmas vacation

14.1.2022 Deadline for choosing ECA for Term 2

3.1.2022 Official holiday (non-school day)

11.1.2022 International "Thank you" Day

4-7.01.2022 End of Term assessment for Year 1

17-21.01.2022 Ski school Reception / Project days

20, 21.01.2022 Parents-Teachers meetings Year 1

24.1.2022 International Day of Education

24-28.01.2022 Ski school Year 1 / Project days

31.01-4.02.2022 Ski school Reception / Project days

7-11.02.2022 Ski school Year 1/ Project days

11.2.2022 International Day of Women and Girls in Science

14.2.2022 Friendship Day

17.2.2022 Random Act of Kindness Day

19.2.2022 Vasil Levski Day

21.2.2022 International Mother Language Day

24, 25.02.2022 Parents-teachers meetings EYFS

1.3.2022 Baba Marta Day - Martenitsas

03.03.2022 Bulgaria Liberation Day (non-school day)

08.03.2022 International Women`s day

7-11.03.2022 Book Week

12.03.2022 World Book Day

14.03.2022 International Day of Mathematics

20.03.2022 International Day of Happiness

21.03.2022 World Poetry Day

24, 25.03.2022 Parents- teachers meetings for Year 1

30.03.2022 Spring performance

1.4.2022 April Fools' Day

7.4.2022 International Health Day

15.4.2022 World Art Day

21.4.2022 St. George`s International School and Preschool Sports Day, Sports Day

22.04 - 25.04.2022 Easter vacation

29.04.2022 International Dance Day

01.05.2022 Labour day

02.05.2022 Labour day (non-school day)

06.05.2022 Day of the Bravery of the Bulgarian Army (non-school day)

3-11.05.2022 End of Year assessment for Year 1

15.5.2022 International Family Day

15.5.2022 Deadline for choosing ECA for the summer, submission of summer vacation

24.05.2022 Day of the Slavonic cript and Bulgarian culture (non-school day)

26, 27.05.2022 Parents-teachers meetings for Year 1

31.05.2022 End of the Academic Year

1.6.2022 International Children's Day

2.6.2022 Hristo Botev Day

5.6.2022 World Environment Day

6, 7.06.2022 Parents-teachers meetings EYFS

8.06.2022 End of Year Celebration

20-24.06.2022 Vitosha week

18-22.07.2022 Vitosha week

22-26.08.2022 Annual Staff Training (non-school days)

06.09.2021 Bulgaria Unification Day

07.09-10.09.2021Green School for PG-12 grade

12.09.2021School year opening ceremony

13.09.2021Parents meeting for PG

14.09.2021Parents meeting for grades 1 and 2

15.09.2021Beginning of the school year

15.09.2021Parents meeting for grades 3 and 4

15-18.09.2021Entry tests for PG-4 grade

16.09.2021Parents meeting for grades 5, 6 and 7

16-25.09.2021Entry exams for grades 5-12

17.09.2021Parents meeting for grades 8, 9 and 10

20.09.2021Parents meeting for grades 11 and 12

22.09.2021Bulgaria Independence Day (non-school day)

11,12,13,18,19.10.2021Parents meeting for PG-4 grade (through online school platform)

14,15,20,21,22.10.2021Parents meeting for grades 5-12 (through online school platform)

04.10-18.11.2021IGCSE & A Level Exam Session November

30.10-01.11.2021Autumn vacation

8-12.11.2021Online open doors for parents from PG- 12th grade

11.12.2021Christmas concert and bazaar

13.12.-14.01.2021Class work and term exams for grades 5-10 (all subjects)

24.12.2021-03.01.2022Christmas vacation

10-21.01.2022HBO, Checkpoint mock exams - 4th and 7th grade

17-28.01.2022IGCSE, AS and A Level mock exams - 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th grade

31.01.2022End of first semester

01.02.2022Midterm vacation - non-school day

02.02.2022Beginning of the second semester

7,8,9,14,15.02.2022 Parent meetings for grades PG-4

16,17,18,21,22.02.2022Parent meetings for grades 5-12

03.03.2022Bulgaria Liberation Day (official holiday, non-school day)

24.03.2022Spring vacation for PG

25.03.2022Letters Day - 1st grades (non-school day)

01-08.04.2022Spring vacation for grades PG-11

07-10.04.2022Spring vacation for grade 12

18-20.04.2022Cambridge International Checkpoint Examinations - 4th and 7th grade (mathematics, English and science)

22-25.04.2022Easter holidays (non-school days)

27.04-10.06.2022IGCSE & A Level Exam Session June

02.05.2022Official holiday, non-school day, in connection with 01.05 - Labor Day

06.05.2022Day of the bravery of the Bulgarian army (official holiday,non-school day)

03-13.05.2022End-of-term exams for PG-4 grade (all subjects)

03-26.05.2022End-of-term exams for 5th and 6th grade (all subjects)

12.05.2022End of the school year for 12th grade

18.05.2022Non-school day - National Assessment in Bulgarian language - grade 12

20.05.2022Non-school day - National Assessment in Second subject -grade 12

23.05.2022Sports Day in St. George International School

24-25.05.2022Non-school days - Day of the Slavonic Alphabet and of the Bulgarian culture

26.05.2022National Assessment in Bulgarian Language - grade 4

27.05.2022National Assessment in Mathematics - grade 4

31.05.2022Graduation ceremony for grades PG-3

16.05.-10.06.2022End-of-term exams for grades 7-10 (all subjects)

31.05-06.06.2022Parent meetings for PG-3 grade

13-14.06.2022Parent meetings for 4th grade

14.06.2022National Assessment in Bulgarian Language-7th and 10th grade-non-school day

16.06.2022National External Assessment in Mathematics - 7th and 10th grade - non-school day

15.06.2022End of the school year and graduation ceremony for 4th, 5th and 6th grade

20-24.06.2022Parent meetings for grades 5-11

30.06.2022End of the school year for grades 7-11

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