St. George Intеrnational School & Preschool has qualified nurses on duty throughout the whole school day. All personnel and teachers are trained to provide first aid.

If during the medical examination of students, a child does not feel well and cannot be actively involved in the learning process, parents are contacted immediately. If a student is absent due to sickness, parents need to notify the school and provide a doctor’s note that states the child’s health condition.

In case of contagious disease, parents should inform the school immediately, so the latter notifies other parents.

If a student is absent from school due to illness, it is necessary to present a doctor’s note upon the students return.


As part of the school medical services St. George Intеrnational School & Preschool organises a number of preventative checkups for students throughout the academic year including:

  • Bone and spinal deformities;
  • Oral hygiene;
  • Hearing checks;
  • Eye testing;
  • Heart disease.

After each preventive check, parents will receive written feedback and with recommendations.


Medicines and pharmaceutical products are stored in the school medical offices, in lockable cabinets, in accordance with the state requirements. The nurses are responsible for the safe administration and storage of medicines taking into account:

  • Method of dosing;
  • Frequency and method of intake;
  • Storage in appropriate place;
  • Usage - only according to prescription;
  • Children are not allowed to access them.

The school maintains a supply of common medications in case of emergency. If it is necessary for students to take medication during the school day, it is imperative for the parents to contact school nurse in order to provide them with guidance for administration, thus minimizing the risk of improper intake.

Speech Therapy

All students from 4 years of age to 4th grade are entitled to have two speech therapy check-ups per academic year. Each parent may contact the speech therapist in private to enquire about speech difficulties and their treatment, which could bring discomfort, and confusion, and lower students’ achievements and self-esteem.


For every child and student, admitted and enrolled in St. George Intеrnational School & Preschool the school takes out an accident insurance policy.

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