We are happy to have the opportunity, together with our students and their parents, to spread kindness and love by organizing and taking part in charity initiatives.

Traditionally, St. George International School & Preschool organizes events that support various campaigns.

Give a Tree, Plant a Forest is an initiative which started in the 2009-2010 academic year and then quickly turned into a national campaign. The aim of the initiative is to engage students with nature and conservation, raising awareness of how the environment impacts health. We believe that children learn through example and social experience. Together we are trying to make the world a better and harmonious place by changing our city and country, our thoughts and actions.

Smile – we at St. George International School & Preschool believe that communication is much easier when we smile. The project started in the 2010-2011 school year, with the aim of making every day a “Day of Smiles” contributing to feelings of happiness.

From Children to Children is a charity initiative established by St. George International School & Preschool to support children in need. Every year with funds collected at the Christmas bazaar and concert we donate medicine, clothes and books. In 2014 From Children to Children inspired our students to recreate some paintings of famous artists and to sell them for charity. A year later they opened an international exhibition under the title “Nature and technologies: Children Environmental Narratives” in a cooperation with foreign schools.

Land a Hand and Give a Smile is a charity initiative organized by students, parents and teachers from St. George International School & Preschool, which restored faith in humanity for all families that lost their homes during the devastating flood in the town of Mizia in 2014.

The Christmas Charity Bazaar and concert are among the most exciting school events. Along with smiles and a festive mood, the annual Christmas bazaar gathers kindness, joy and love under one roof. The bazaar offers a variety of items, made by our students, parents and staff. With money raised we make donations to “From Children to Children” in support of people with disabilities and their families. Christmas spirit is spread by the adorable performances of students and children of St. George International School & Preschool.

Annual Charity Bazar of International Women’s Club St. George International School & Preschool is a partner of the International Women’s Club when organizing the traditional charity bazaar. Our team takes care of the kids’ corner, ensuring care and fun for children whose parents attend the bazaar.

Friends of Lopyan – is a joint initiative between St. George International School & Preschool and the Embassy of the USA in Bulgaria in support of children studying at the School for Children Deprived of Parental Care “Hristo Botev” in the village of Lopyan.

Balloon releasing for 24th of May is an extraordinary initiative of St. George International School & Preschool on the occasion of The Day of Slavonic Alphabet, Bulgarian Enlightenment and Culture. It is an eight-year tradition for our students to make cards with message and put them in balloons. Each student releases their balloon with the hope that the one who finds it, will reply to their message and will support the initiative. The cards symbolize the special message carried in literature and writing.

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