St. George International School & Preschool offers an integrated high-quality education within the school day, in compliance with two educational standards:
  • Education as per State Education Standards of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Bulgaria.
  • Education as per British International Educational Standards for Primary, Secondary, IGCSE and GCE A level.

We teach and educate children in the wealth of Bulgarian and English language, literature, culture and history. The high level of literacy and the ability to express yourself properly are part of our School Community Values.

At St. George International School & Preschool English is not considered a foreign, but a native language. We communicate in English not only during the classes, but also during breaks, lunch and extracurricular activities...

We apply the latest teaching methods - project work, cross curricular links, workshops, interactive educational resources, etc.

The School has PC and science labs, ensuring the highest standard of theoretical and practical knowledge.

The specialized rooms for fine arts and music give an opportunity to develop the talents of each student.

We cultivate a love of reading in our students at the earliest age and encourage them to enrich their vocabulary.

The structure of the academic programme allows us to integrate students coming from foreign schools, and students from St. George School & Preschool to be easily integrated into other schools in Bulgaria and abroad at every stage of their education.

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