Every candidate-student needs to pass the admission procedure according to the age and grade in order a decision for admission to be taken. The admission procedure is coordinated by Admission and Communication Manager.

Step 1

Application Form submission – at least 10 days prior to the preferred date for entry examination. The Application Form is considered valid when it contains full information required for each section and accompanied by a copy of the following documents:

  • Document for completed grade/stage of education when applying after 1st grade;
  • Academic script/reference when applying after 1st grade;
  • References from previous educational institutions if the applicant has attended any;
  • Certificates of courses and competitions if the applicant has attended any.
Step 2

Entry examinations – within 5 days of receipt of the Application Form, the successful applicants are notified by email that they were admitted to the next stage of the Admission procedure – conducting an entry examination. The email contains detailed information regarding the organisation and an admission invoice.

Step 3

Admission fee payment – It is a one-off payment and it is not subject to reimbursement. The Admission fee covers expenses for staying in the School, materials, tests, interviews and further administrative service. It is necessary to be paid prior to the entry examination and after an invoice is issued. The payment is made via:

  • POS terminal in the School building;
  • Bank transfer up to 48 hours before the date of the admission exams.

Step 4

Entry examination – it determines the students’ readiness for the respective grade, their learning abilities, level of socialisation and adaptation, level of English. This summarized assessment provides the option for forming balanced combining of the classes in order to achieve effective learning process.

  • Preparatory grade and 1st grade: The applicant sits a test for school readiness in Bulgarian and also a combined test in English;
  • Grade 2: The applicant sits a test in Bulgarian Language and also a combined test in English;
  • Grade 3 and Grade 4: The applicant sits tests in Bulgarian Language and Literature, a combined test in Science and a combined test in English;
  • Grade 5 - Grade 8: The applicant sits tests in Bulgarian Language and Literature, a combined test in Science, a combined test in English and essay;

Step 5

Results – Within 10 days of carrying out the entry examinations, the parents receive an email with student’s results. If the student is admitted to the School, their future teachers get acquainted with the exam papers, which will assist the individual approach toward the student’s further educational development.

Parents have the opportunity to see the exam materials. If they wish so, an appointment should be made with the Admissions Department.

5.1 The parents of the approved candidates will be invited to a meeting with the Management of the School. Within 3 days after the meeting, the Admissions Department sends a written statement to the parents on the decision made about the admission of the applicant.

5.2 In case the results of the applicant indicate that it might be difficult for them to integrate and advance in School, the parents receive a reasoned rejection and recommendations by Admissions and Communications Manager.

In any case St. George International School & Preschool reserves the right to make a conditional or unconditional offer of a place, or reject to make an offer.

Step 6

Enrollment of admitted students - Within 3 days of receiving the email stating that the applicant is admitted to the School, parents have to submit an Application for Enrollment and follow the procedure for signing the tuition contract.

In case the applicant covers the admission requirements, but there is no vacancy available for the respective grade, the parents may request the child to be included in a waiting list and they will be informed as soon as there is availability.

Step 7

Signing a contract and deposit payment

After signing the contract and the deposit and tuition fee are paid, the student is considered to be officially enrolled at St. George International School & Preschool and is registered in the Book of students for compulsory education for students aged 16 and under

The following documents are required when signing the contract:

  • Birth certificate to be checked on place and given back to the parents;
  • Personal preventive health card;
  • Certificate for transfer issued by student’s previous school (in case of change of the educational institution).

If parents wish to terminate the current student's tuition contract, they should send a written notice to the Admissions Department and/ or Reception of the school containing the reason and desired date of termination by submitting an official note from the new school.
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