1. Submit an application admission form – to apply to St. George International School & Preschool parents have to submit:  an application admission form – presenting full information where required; a copy of birth certificate; a copy of certificate of completed grade/stage of education; an academic script/academic reference when applying during the school year; a school reference when applying after 1st grade. Once all documents are submitted they are considered. The approved applicants continue to the next stage of the admission procedure.

2. Schedule a timetable for entry examination – The Admissions and Communications manager informs parents about the schedule of entry evaluation examinations within 5 working days from the date of receiving the application pack.

The entry examinations are conducted upon scheduled timetable and take place on Wednesdays – from 08:00 to 14:30 h.

3. Admission fee – the fee includes entry examination (conducted at school and psychological interview) and administrative charge to cover expenses related to student’s admission. It is a one-off payment and it is non-refundable.

The admission fee is €500. It is paid before the entry examination is conducted and within 3 days of confirmation of the application.

The admission fee is paid after an invoice is issued. The payment has to be made via:

  • POS terminal or in the cash desk of the School

  • Bank transfer

4. Entry examination

4.1 Entry evaluation examination for preparatory and first graders – it is important to determine child’s school readiness, their learning potential, level of socialization and adaptation, level of English. This summarized assessment will help us combine balanced classes and imply effective teaching strategies. Children sit two exams: the school readiness exam in Bulgarian; a combined test in English.

4.2 Entry examination for 2nd – 12th graders – students sit the following exams: Bulgarian language and literature, Math and a combined test in English.

There are two stages of the entry examination:

·         Stage 1: Examination in school building – organized in groups of 5, children are in the school building from 8:00 to 14:30h. During their stay they take part in different teaching-learning situations. Meanwhile, every students sits examinations in English and school readiness (preparatory and first graders). After the examination the child join the group, where a teacher looks after their comfort and mood.  Children have breakfast, morning snack at 10:00h and lunch. Applicants from IInd to XIIth grade follow an individual examination programme. It is necessary for all children/students to wear indoor shoes.

·        Stage 2: Psychological interview – it is conducted with the children/student’s parents after an individually scheduled appointment with the school psychologist. The interview aims to gather detailed information on each’s child’s/student’s knowledge and talents.

5. Sending entry evaluation results to parents – The Admissions and Communications manager sends their child’s results and recommendation to parents within 7 working days via e-mail. Parents have the opportunity to get acquainted with exam materials. If they wish so, an appointment should be make with the Admissions and Communication manager. Before the beginning of the school year, parents get acquainted with their child’s exam materials and meet future teachers. This will assist the individual approach toward child’s further educational development.

6. Meeting with Chief Executive Officer of St. George International School & Preschool
Within 14 days after receiving the results, the Admissions and Communications manager arranges a meeting between the parents and the Chief Executive officer of St. George International School & Preschool. In 3 days after the meeting, the Admission and Communication manager informs parents on the decision made about the child’s admission.

7. Signing a contract; payment of deposit Within 5 days after both sides reach an agreement, parents have to sign a contract and pay a deposit. After the deposit is paid, the child/student is considered to be officially enrolled at St. George International School & Preschool. Child/Student will be registered in the Book of students for compulsory education for students aged 16 and under and shall be issued a certificate of enrollment.

Documents for admission:

  • Application for admission form;

  • Birth certificate

  • Personal preventive health card

  • Certificate for transfer issued by student’s previous school

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