It’s Called Magic!

One of the favorite ways to gain new knowledge is through inspiring lab practices that are an integral part of the weekly program, and this is something that the students of St. George International School and Preschool can tell for sure.

Over the past few days, the 10th graders were able to study crude oil in depth. During the practical exercise in Chemistry, they observed the process of collecting gas (propane/butane) in soap bubbles and burning when they burst.

The laboratory exercises in Chemistry for the students from 5th grade were exciting as well! They embarked on a study of various processes and reactions of acids and bases. The experiment they had to carry out was related to recognition of unknown substances and finding their Ph.

The Biology laboratory practices challenged the 12th graders to trace and master their knowledge in extracting chlorophyll from spinach leaves. The samples were taken through a chromatogram using a specific solution. At the end of the exercise, the students distinguished over 5. types of pigments, which represent the green chlorophyll in the leaves.

We are happy to see the satisfaction and the enthusiasm in the eyes of our students. The perseverance and dedication with which they embark on the acquisition of new knowledge will definitely pay off.

Expect our next adventures in the world of science soon!

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