Ballroom Dancing Night

St. George International School and Preschool and St. George Event Centre presented the first “Ballroom Dancing Night”, which took place on 30th September 2021. Children and parents had the incredible opportunity to immerse themselves in the captivating art and get acquainted with the culture of ballroom dancing.

A special program and a magical dance experience were prepared for all guests. The professionals and members of the Bulgarian Professional Dance Association – Dimitar Mladenov and Gabriela Mancheva – Aslan, presented the main steps in ballroom art and shared this enchantment with everyone.

The program included two training ball sessions and a cocktail accompanied by a fairy dance performance.

We would love to thank everyone present for their enthusiasm and good mood! We are more than delighted to start the preparation for the second thematic event, which will take us to the world of ballroom dancing!

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