School’s out, it’s time for vacation!

The recent days in St. George International School and Preschool were packed with many events. One of them was the end of the school year for our graduates from 4th, 5th and 6th grades. Despite the difficult and challenging year, our students managed to give their best and we are extremely proud of their achievements!

“We believe that the best is yet to come, and this is a great start!”. This was the essence of the concerts for the students, which were intertwined with many musical performances, exceptional vocals, and talented musicians.

In addition to the certificates of achievement, the students of St. George International School and Preschool also received a special gift – a book written by a graduate of the school when she was 12. The wish for the summer break, that came with the book, was for all the students to be inspired and to never give up on their dreams.

We wish our students a pleasant vacation and we are looking forward to the fall, when we will turn a new page together in the book of knowledge!

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