The World Scholar’s Cup Regional Round 2021, Sofia

This last weekend, one of the most exciting events of the school calendar year – The World Scholar’s ​​Cup Regional Round 2021, Sofia, traditionally took place for a fifth consecutive year in St. George International School and Preschool. Over 250 students from many schools in Sofia embarked on a series of debates, creative writing, general academic training tournaments, and of course at the end they were justifiably honored with awards and alpacas!

This year the topics of the team debates for the Juniors division were: “Should parents admit their mistakes to children?”,”People should get new names when they become world leaders” and “It would be good if Bulgaria could create its own climate”.

On their part, the Seniors Division had to roll up their sleeves on the following topics: “That the people who make fewest mistakes should become politicians”, “First colony on Mars should consist of one person from each country”, and “That we should create a bank of melodies that musician can use for free to create their music”.

Traditionally, the “Showcase” was held on the second day of the competition. During the showcase eight of the most prominent and good debaters from the previous day were taking part. Our students Ryan W. and Christiana P. were among the chosen ones, as they presented brilliantly their teams and won the applause of the audience, defending the arguments “for” and “against” on the topic: “That it would be better to move to a new planet than to try and fix the Earth”.

Right after the discussion, the “Scholar’s Show” took place in the program. The students from the schools in Sofia gave their best, and the audience had the opportunity to enjoy a wonderful program of great vocal and musical performances, dances and a lot more.

Of course, as any competition, the award ceremony was the most exciting and emotional part of the program for everyone. The parents watched the event via a live stream in a special area for them.

We are over-excited and happy with the piles of medals that our students won. We want to share with you some of them:

For Juniors:

1st place and gold medal for team 744: Rositsa R., Maya P. and Evda T. in the discipline “Team Debate”, which team also won 1st place
and a gold trophy in the discipline “Champion Teams”

1st place and gold trophy for team 733: Daria P., Emma S. and Joanna T. in the discipline “Team Bowl”

1st place and gold medal for Isabella M. in the discipline “Debate Champions”

2nd place and gold medal for team 732: Maria A., Vanya F. and Vasilena S. in the discipline “Team Debate”

2nd place and gold trophy for team 741: Boyan-Alexander P., Nikola A. and Emily D. in the discipline “Team Bowl”

2nd place and gold trophy for team 744: Rositsa R., Maya P. and Evda T. in the discipline “Team Challenge”

2nd place and gold medal for Vasilena S. in the discipline “Debate Champions”

2nd place and gold trophy for Maya P. in the discipline “Champion Scholars”

3rd place and gold medal for team 726: Christian T., Sebastian D. and Alexander D. in the discipline “Team Debate”

3rd place and gold medal for team 742: Bogdan S., Velizara P. and Michael M. in the discipline “Team Writing”


For Seniors:

1st place and gold medal for team 781: Karina H., Kalina T. and Damiana S. in the discipline “Team Debate”

1st place and gold medal for Karina H. in the discipline “Debate Champions”

1st place and gold medal for Mikhail P. both in the discipline “Writing Champions” and in the discipline “Champion Scholars”

2nd place and gold trophy for team 785: Nia-Katya B., Ryan L. and Stanimira S. in the discipline “Team Challenge”. The team won 3rd place and a gold medal in the discipline “Champion Teams” and 3rd place and a gold trophy in the discipline “Team Bowl”

2nd place and gold trophy for team 783: Christina P. and Mikhail P. in the discipline “Team Bowl”

2nd place and gold medal for Ryan L. in the discipline “Debate Champions”

3rd place and gold trophy for team 782: Boris H., Zahari P. and Teodor S. in the discipline “Team Challenge”

The Asimov Award for overall contribution to the Junior Division was awarded to the student from St. George International School and Preschool,
Dimitar B., and Mikhail P. took the same prize, but in the Senior Division category.

The list continues with an abundance of gold and silver medals in other prominent disciplines such as Science, History, Literature, Arts and others.

The World Scholar’s ​Cup certainly leaves an invaluable experience for each of the participants, and the opportunity to share the experience and to develop, to learn and enrich together was one of the greatest experiences!

Dear students, we are sincerely happy for you and thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

We are looking forward to the next stage – The Global Round!

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