(the fees are in euro)

1. Guarantee deposit

The guarantee deposit is a lump-sum that has to be paid when signing the contract. It may serve as a compensation for damages caused by the child to the facilities used for the tuition process or delays in payment. It is a subject to reimbursement after the completion of tuition or in case of leaving.

2. Administration fee

The administration fee is a lump-sum and applies for newly enrolled children. It is due when applying to St. George International Preschool and submitting an Admission Application. It covers expenses for examination documents and the subsequent administrative service. This fee is not subject to reimbursement unless in cases of denied admission due to the lack of places in the respective age group.

3. Educational resources

Educational Resources fee covers the usage and subscription to online platforms, basic and additional textbooks, training and school materials, required for the educational process, etc. The amount of Educational Resources fee is determined for every school year. It is due with the first installment according to the payment plan chosen by the parent. It is paid separately from the annual tuition fee and it is not subject to reimbursement in case of leaving the Preschool.

4. Annual Tuition fee

The annual fee covers:

  • Teaching process in accordance with the age of the child and according to the State Education Standards of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Bulgaria and Cambridge International Education;
  • Food - children have four meals per day: breakfast, morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack;
  • Speech status of the children aged 4 or older – performed twice a year;
  • Annual accident insurance;
  • Educational visits to cultural and historical places of interest in the city of Sofia, museums, etc. (for children aged 4 or older).

Additional expenses:

  • Additional activities and sports;
  • Educational resources;
  • Transport (for children aged 3 or older);
  • White and Green Schools (for children aged 4 or older).
  • 5. Transport

    The service is provided by an independent licensed company for student transportation according to their own set terms and conditions. The transport fee is calculated and paid separately from the annual fee according to the method of payment chosen by the parents. Communication in relation to requesting, organisation and administration of the service is established directly between parents and driver as every parent, who has requested a transportation service, signs an individual contract with the transport company.

    The transport service is provided for children aged 3 or older according to the transport schedule of the students in primary stage in St. George International School (from 15.09.2021 until 31.05.2022). During the school holidays of St. George International School the service is not provided for children from the Preschool.

    6. Signing the contract

    The contract has to be signed after received confirmation for admission of the applicant. The contract for the next academic year is subject to annual re-signing until May 31 of the current academic year, as in such circumstances Fee for returning student applies. If, within the above period, a contract for the next school year is not signed for a student enrolled during the current academic year, such a contract can be concluded at a later stage if there are vacancies and under the conditions for new students.

    7. Fees discount

    • Discounts from the tuition fee: a 5% discount is provided upon enrolment of a second child from one family; a 10% discount – for each subsequent child from the family. For twins – 15% discount for one of the twins;
    • Discounts do not apply to: warranty payment, administration fee, educational resources fee, Green and White school and participation in additional activities and sports.

    8. Waiting list

    In case there are no vacancies at the date of submission of the Admission application, the parents may request their inclusion in the waiting list by submitting an e-mail request. When a new group is formed or a place is released in the respective age group, the parents are notified in the order of submission of the request for inclusion in the waiting list.

    9. Saving a place

    If parents submit an Admission application, in which the preferred date of admission in the kindergarten is after the start of the school year, they owe a fee for saving the place in the amount of 200 euro per month from the date of signing the Contract for education until the first day of the child's in St. George International Preschool. The contract should be signed within 14 days after the date of admission is fixed and after receiving an opinion from the kindergarten that the child can be enrolled.

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