Let’s Talk About Art

The legend tells that when God decided to give away pieces of land to the people on Earth, the Bulgarian was working hard in the field and was the last person who went to take his piece.

However, God has already given away all the land he had. God thought hard what to give to the Bulgarian but there was nothing left. Since the Bulgarian was famous for his kindness, modesty, and hard work, God decided to give him a piece of his own land – the heaven.

Inspired by this legend, the class teachers Ivelina Mihailova and Eli Gerasimova decided to organize an initiative-exhibition related to the Natural Wonders of Bulgaria. In the classes of Man and Society, the students learned about various natural landmarks, heard various legends about Wonderful Bridges, Belogradchik Rocks, Eyes of God, conquered with a smile and learned interesting facts about the Rila Mountains and the Rhodopes. They went on a virtual journey, saw the Central Balkan Nature Park, the Srebarna Nature Reserve.

In the Art classes, the student’s imagination and children’s fantazy managed to embody these corners of paradise on a white sheet. The wonderful works were collected and judged by Nikola Finii, Ivelina Mihailova and Eli Gerasimova. Choosing only a few of many great artworks wasn’t easy.

On 05.02. In 2021 (Friday) the art exhibition opened in the presence of Leo Buckley, Tsveti Doganova, Kristian Angelov on 05.02.2021 (Friday). The winners of the competition were divided into two age categories – third and fourth grade. Here are the awarded participants:

3rd grade

First place – Alexander D.

Second place – Niki P.

Third place – Julia G. and Tamerlan M.

4th grade

First meat – Tea S.

Second place – K.

Third place – Gabriela A.

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