Bringing Books to Life

According to the British tradition, since 1995, on the first Thursday of March, a special charity event denotes the “World Book Day”.

Today, the students of St. George International School and Preschool celebrated the event in a special and magical way. They had the opportunity to revive their favorite characters from their favorite books: from magical fairies to mystical villains, from comic book characters to crazy heads, school fun began from early morning.

Besides the excitement around the costumes, the students could take part in a cover design competition of their favorite book, write a short story or poem, or donate a book to the school library in English or Bulgarian.

The teachers of St. George International School and Preschool also embarked on a number of challenges. In addition to the costumes and inspiration from their favorite books, they had the chance to read a poem or an extract from their favorite story in the morning at at the reception when all the students were arriving at school.

We share the magic from the fairytale world of books with you!

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