Nature is the force from which we get energy from. It is the element that blooms in an exceptional way both inside and outside of us. We, as her guests, have to protect and take care of her. Also, it is our duty to leave it a better place to live behind, because as one Indian proverb says: „We did not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, but borrowed it from our children“.

Therefore, on the doorstep of Spring, we decided to make a special gift to each one of our students and help them connect with Nature. We prepared sets with seeds of herbs, flowers and fertilizer. We also added cups in which our students can plant the seeds with lots of love. And the challenge is, as they watch the seeds germinate, to find out what species they are and what plant will sprout. And we are looking forward to some photos of the growing process from you.

We do believe that there is nothing better than creating and cultivating life. Through this initiative we are convinced that our students will boldly roll up their sleeves and make their daily lives more colorful, bright and happy.

May all of us take care of our Nature. In the same way that it inspires and empowers us, let us inspire hope and be more responsible for her.

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