Max Ivanov TEDWomen2020 Speech

In the past 2020, a student from St. George International School and Preschool overturned the notions not only in Bulgaria, but also in the world, about what a 16-year-old boy was capable of.

Max Ivanov, along with his father Stefan Ivanov, managed to achieve world success from complete beginners to absolute winners! By the time of their journey they had to face a lot of their fears like entering the unknown, the conquest of hurricanes, tropical storms, 9 meter waves, pirates and many more. But, at the end of the day, they had not only overcome this Ocean Row, but they discovered and subdue themselves.

Through their great achievements not only mentally but also physically, Max and Stefan Ivanovi successfully conquered the Atlantic Ocean from Europe to South America with their small rowing boat, which they built by hand in their garage in Sofia.

Their voyage broke several world records, such as the "First Ocean Rowing Expedition for Bulgaria" and the "First Crossing of the Atlantic Ocean by Rowing Boat from East to West during the Hurricane Season (July-October)".

The voyage of father and son was also in support of the noble cause "Yes! For Life", which aims to shed more light on the support of donation and transplantation in Bulgaria.

Listen by first hand about everything exciting, curious and inspiring around the "Neverest" expedition by Max Ivanov and his speech at TEDWomen2020 "Fearless".

View the video here.

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