The Magical World of Children

When in St. George International Preschool you have the feeling that you are going through worlds and traveling through universes. Like Alice in Wonderland, one finds oneself in a magical and extremely exciting world. A world of dreams, smiles and shared happiness as children explore and acquire new knowledge and skills.

Exciting adventures, indoor and outdoor games, new friendships, the feeling of a home that brings warmth and peace are also an integral part of children's smiles to shine at all times.

Learning in St. George International Preschool is an integral part of any entertainment. Thus, through games in recent weeks, the kids were able to learn new grammatical knowledge, as well as immerse themselves in the exciting and vast world of mathematics, fine arts, sciences.

It is in this world that many exciting initiatives have taken place over the past month.

Our little heroes embarked on a very interesting journey to our medical office, where our dear nurses shared with them many interesting facts about the different types of medical care, and in particular, the different types of medical professions.

Over the past month, the children enjoy celebrating Halloween in addition to the Day of Enlighteners, enriching their knowledge in patriotism while building tolerance and acceptance of foreign cultures and traditions.

We share with you moments from the life of the children in our kindergarten and we believe that you, like us, would gladly return to your childhood!

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