A meeting with Vesela Flamburari

A meeting with Vesela Flamburari

Vesela Flamburari, an author of books for children, met online with St. George School third grade students. We know Vesela Flamburari from our Literature classes with her stories, “The Water Drop” and “The Christmas Tree” which are part of the curriculum.

Mrs. Flamburari was born in Dobrich. She is a puppeteer by profession and a storyteller by vocation.

Mrs. Flambourari is popular with her books, “Stories for Little Ones”, “Stories from the Upper Earth”, “Theatre Stories”, “Christmas Stories”, “Stories”, and many others.

Mrs. Flamburari is the author of the first book which has been translated into English for three decades now. The book is the first part of the fantasy series, “Stories from the Upper Earth: Mina, the magic and the beaker” which has been published in the United Kingdom.

The online meeting with Mrs. Flamburari was very interesting and was more like a conversation among friends. We discussed what makes us happy, what we love, what our dreams are and what it means to be good. The author shared with us her stories about the little things in life which are very important and which we share especially now as Christmas is coming.

This online cultural event provoked the students’ interest and creativity. The students felt not only motivated but found out that they can have a closer connection to the stories in books.

The story below is Mrs. Flambourari’s present for us.

The Clover that Wished for a Fourth Leaf

Early one morning, a three-leafed clover sneezed angrily, “What is all this about? No one pays attention to me! No one notices me! And why? Because I only have three leaves. I need to go see the doctor about growing a fourth one!”

The Rake was the garden’s doctor. Nothing could get in her way when it came to curing the plants from all sorts of weeds.

“Mrs. Rake, I’m so unhappy!” cried out the three-leafed clover, “Please, tell me how to grow a fourth leaf so I can get everyone’s attention!”

“You’re not too smart, are you?” said Mrs. Rake. “Look at you! You live in a nice garden, you grow greener every day, you get watered, no one bothers you…”

“Yes, but…the four-leafed clovers…”

“…Are stupid! That’s what the four-leafed clovers are,” interrupted her Mrs. Rake. “Do you know what happens to the four-leafed clovers after they pick them up?”

“Not really, no.” said the three-leafed clover.

“I thought so. They fade away in two hours and no one looks at them after that. Is that the kind of fate you’d like?”

“Well, no, but I…” stumbled the three-leafed clover and never again talked about her dreams. Just once in a while, at night, she’d dream about having a fourth leaf and that would make her tremble with delight.

Vesela Flamburari

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