Atlantic Heroes!

This Saturday (October 17, 2020) Max and Stefan celebrated with friends and followers their successful return from their Neverest Ocean Row expedition. The event was hosted by St. George International School and Preschool.

For several hours, the guests at the event had the unique opportunity to hear first-hand everything about the ups and downs during this adventure. They also had the chance to discuss the prospects for the cause "Yes! For Life!" and ask Stefan and Max their questions.

During the dinner, in addition to delicious pizza, all the guests enjoyed exceptional temptations of ice cream – the two delicacies that they had greatly missed over the past 100 days in the ocean. In honor of the cause and inspired by the main heroes, the professionals from "Gelato & Latte" had created a new taste of ice cream, which proudly bears the name "Atlantic Heroes". Thanks from the bottom of our hearts to “Gelato & Latte”, who provided fantastic ice cream for everyone at the event.

At the end of the evening, Max and Stefan Ivanovi encouraged the guests to embark boldly on the pursuit and conquest of their most incredible dreams.

See photos here.

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