The Laboratory Practices

Last week a few very exciting laboratory classes took place at St. George International School and Preschool. We are very excited to see that our passionate students are already jumping “in the deep”.

Miss Mira celebrated her new laboratory by kicking off the science club for the younger students in the secondary department. The students got right down to work by learning how to extract DNA from a banana, and then actually doing it themselves.

The IGCSE syllabus in Year 9 covers the mammalian heart and circulatory system and in these photographs students are dissecting a pig’s heart to look at the coronary arteries, the aorta, pulmonary artery and vena cava. When they cut into the heart chambers it is clear that the heart is made of two pumps which work in unison pumping blood to the lungs and the body at the same time. Students also study the valves inside the heart which stop backflow of blood. If these leak it often gives a person heart ‘murmur’ which can be heard by a doctor. Students learn that the mammalian heart is very different to that of reptiles, amphibians and fish and creates what is known as a ‘double circulation’.

The A-level syllabus in Year 12 covers respiration and how animals consume oxygen. This can be measured using a piece of apparatus called a ‘respirometer’. In these photographs students are monitoring the oxygen consumption of a Red Fire Bug and two millipedes in respirometers. As the oxygen is consumed and carbon dioxide is released during respiration, the apparatus absorbs the carbon dioxide causing the pressure inside the apparatus to drop. This leads to the movement of liquid in a manometer which can be measured over time. These types of experiments are also used to measure the fitness of international athletes who compete in endurance sports such as marathons.

We are happy to see the satisfaction in the eyes of our students, as well as the perseverance they put into learning new, interesting facts from the science and the world that surrounds us.

See photos here.

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