First School Day

The first school day resembles a seed wrapped in faith and hope and watered with love. Once its sown in the soil, it begins to grow. Over time, this delicate and graceful plant develops, its base becomes stable, its crown blooms, nourished by the sun, water and Nature.

For us from St. George International School and Preschool, you - the students, represent these seeds. Once you step on our doorstep, its as you start growing imperceptibly, develop and become worthy young people. The light we manage to provide on a daily basis is the knowledge, the water is our teachers, and the nature is all of us together.

Dear students and parents, it is an honor and privilege for us to say "Welcome" to you as we open the new school year! Let it bring health, happiness and be full of curiosity, inspiration, calmness and patience. May the mutual care for one another abound, for we are all one.

Good luck, dear students! Grow worthy, better, confident and more knowledgeable every day.

With love,

St. George International School and Preschool Team

See photos here.

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