Faith, Hope and Love

Three of the main forces that help us grow the most on our way up to the heights of our dreams and goals are Faith, Hope and Love.

Faith comes at first place because it helps us find ourselves and all the potential we carry inside. Like a bird that is cracking its shell from the inside out, so the human has to believe in oneself and "fly" forward to conscious, happy, and fulfilling life.

Hope is the light in the darkness that gives us a hand when we need it the most.

A lot could be said about love, but it mainly resembles that invisible thread that connects us all. It is the magic that spreads our wings. The true love between us is the one that can conquer entire worlds and we are the people who we are today because of it.

The symbiosis of these three ingredients is common, but in our hectic daily lives we often miss it. Usually it is hiding in all these “little things". Whether it will be for a little flower from a garden nearby, or will it be the song of the crickets and the dancing fireflies on a charming evening. It also can be a magical message, hidden in a child's drawing, trembling in anticipation of being "read" but with the soul, not with the eyes.

Like Faith, Hope, Love, and their power when they are united, it is important for us humans to be good, pure, and kind to one another. And on the day of "Faith, Hope and Love", we want to wish you to be healthy, loved, loving and infinitely happy.

Dear friends, always believe in the power of good.

Best regards,

St. George International School and Preschool Team

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